Day One:

  1. Participants’ Registration – 08am-09am


  1. Opening Ceremony            – 09am-10:15am
    1. Opening Speech – Chairman, National Organizing Committee
    2. Welcome Address – Chairman
    3. Keynote Address –  National President, CILT Nigeria
    4. Presentation –   Keith Newton FCILT Secretary – General, CILT, International
    5. Goodwill Message – Chief Teete Owusu-Nortey FCILT – Chairman, CILT Africa Forum
    6. Address by Guest of Honour – Kevin Bern FCILT, CILT International President
    7. Address by The Special Guest of Honour – Presidency
    8. Vote of Thanks – Deputy National President, CILT Nigeria
    9. Health Break –   10:15am – 11am  
  1. International Conference (11- 18hrs.)
S/No. Paper Presentations Organization Discussants
(1). First Session
i. Infrastructure Development for Logistics and Transport Services Integration in Africa New Partnership for Africa Development ECOWAS



 Julius Berger


Zenith Bank

ii. China – Africa Partnership in Transport Infrastructure: New Directions for Human Capital Development CCECC, Peoples Republic of China
iii. Options for Financing Transport Projects in Africa Africa Development


(2). Second Session                                                                            
iv. Telecommunication as a Catalyst for Efficient Logistics and Transport Services in Africa MTN, Telecommunication Company  




        Q & A Session

v. Strategies for Developing Strong Regional Brand in the Aviation Market Ethiopian Airlines
vi. Dynamics of Election Logistics: The Nigeria Experience Independent National Elections Commission
vii. Strategies for Balancing Safety and Security on the Highways Federal Road Safety Corps
(3). Third Session
viii. Strategies for Evolving as  Hub Port Nigerian Ports Authority  



Q & A Session


ix. Global Agenda for Professional Development in Logistics and Transport CILT International. (This topic can change if CILT, International has something different)
x. Strategies for Promoting Intra-Regional Trade in Africa Imperial Logistics of South Africa
xi. Presentation WILAT General Comments


xii. Presentation Young Professionals



  1. Each presentation will be between fifteen and twenty minutes
  2. Selected discussants will discuss the papers in first session
  3. Second and third session papers after presentation will be subjected to brainstorming and general discussion.
  4. WILAT and YPs will come in after the presentation of conference papers
  5. Opening ceremony is expected to take 1hour. 15minutes
  6. The programme is expected to take about eight (8) hours.



  1. Registration –              08am -09am.
  2. Opening Ceremony –              09am-09:45am
    1. Welcome Address- National President, CILT Nigeria, Mr. Ibrahim A Jibril FCILT
    2. Keynote Address – Chief Teete Owusu-Nortey FCILT, Chirman Africa Forum
    3. Address by Int. Vice President, Nigeria – Mr Francis Ehiguese FCILT
    4. CILT, International Presentation –  Keith Newton, Secretary-General, CILT, International
    5. Goodwill Messages
      1. CILT, Malaysia
      2. CILT, Poland
  3. Health Break –    09:45am- 10:30am
  4. Business of The Day –     10:30am – 2:30pm
    1. Country Reports
      1. CILT, Ghana
      2. CILT, Tanzania
      3. CILT, South Africa
      4. CILT, Mauritius
      5. CILT, Malawi
      6. CILT, Egypt
      7. CILT, Uganda
      8. CILT, Kenya
      9. CILT, Ethiopia
      10. CILT, Namibia
      11. CILT, Zambia
      12. CILT, Nigeria
      13. WiLAT and YP
    2. Country Reports discussion session
  5. Networking Session/Health Break –  2:30pm-3:30pm
  6. Annual General Meeting –  3:30pm-5pm
    1. Governance structure of Africa Forum
    2. Investiture of the New IVP, Africa & Chairman Africa Forum
    3. Closing
    4. 2019, Africa Forum – Venue
  7. Social Ceremonies and Dinner- 7:00pm


  1. WiLAT/YPs: The Forum along with other activities are planned to hold within three days but there is a contemplation that WiLAT/YPs programme will hold a day earlier – Tuesday 13th 2018 at the same venue. This arrangement is to enable WiLAT/YPs to participate fully in the international conference and also present their position to members at the Forum.


  1. Tour of Abuja accompanied with lunch, Farewell Dinner and closing ceremony.